Severe Weather Policy

If you’ve lived in our area for any length of time, you are well aware that our winter weather forecasts are unpredictable and almost always occur over Saturday night into or on Sunday morning. Making a decision in advance for both the congregation’s spiritual AND physical well-being under these conditions is a difficult and dreaded challenge...because any decision is probably the wrong one to someone, especially when the forecast is often wrong or, at the very least, over-exaggerated. We do offer our services by LiveStream on YouTube and Facebook for anyone who is concerned for their own safety.  

However, if you DESIRE to worship in person...

Crossroads Church’s policy is to always offer a place to gather and worship at our facility for those who are able to attend…whether 12, 20 or 200 people. Though we MAY cancel The Ekklesia (@ 9:30am) to give crews a chance to clear the roads and our parking lot, the only thing that shuts us down for the 10:30am Worship Gathering is an icy/unsafe parking lot OR whiteout conditions. If this happens, we will notify you of such in Church Center, by text and on Facebook

We do not practice guilt-based attendance and therefore do not expect anyone to risk their own OR their family’s safety to attend a worship gathering.  But for those who live on roads that have been cleared or have vehicles that can safely navigate the roads, for those who would get out in the same conditions for work, dinner, or shopping, we will have the coffee hot, the building warm and our spirit’s prepared for worship together.