One of the best ways to connect in a meaningful way at crossroads|church is to join a group. 

Group Life exists for the expression and reception of love and accountability, as Christ-followers carry out the ministry and vision of the local church.  

While corporate worship experiences engage the believer in worship and teaching, Christ-followers give priority to discipleship through relationally connected groups of encouragement, support, and accountability.  

Groups fulfill the mission of Crossroads by engaging, equipping, empowering, and encouraging Christ-followers in a daily spiritual walk as the body of Christ.

Understanding that we are all at different stages of spiritual fitness and not everyone grows in the same way or at the same pace, we offer three different types of groups:

LIFEgroupsCOREgroups and IDgroups

We encourage every participating member of our church to be a part of at least one group.

Life Groups

A LIFEgroup is an entry level of discipleship where one finds a little more "community" together, grounded in the Word.  

A LIFEgroup is a family of families within the church family that grow in transformed lives as they nurture one another in relationship, challenge one another in "living out" the Word, care for one another's needs, celebrate one another's life moments, and share in one another's burdens. LIFEgroups are ongoing small groups that meet together, usually in homes. "Ongoing" means that these groups are continuous, just as "life" is, and they DO NOT run in semesters as COREgroups do, according to topics of study. "Small" means that these groups should be intimate and the size should never get above 12 to 15 but should, instead, as they grow in size, give birth to new small intimate groups so that others might benefit from the nurturing that stimulated the growth.

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Core Groups

A COREgroup is a foundational and progressive level of discipleship where one finds a little more Word and a little less community.  A COREgroup is a more structured environment focused around fundamental truths and biblical principles that are CORE to the personal walk of every follower of Jesus.  Most COREgroups will be offered in more of a classroom structure on the church campus.  

COREgroups will cover subjects such as Exploring Membership, Developing a Biblical Worldview, Biblical Parenting, Financial Stewardship, Sharing My Faith, Emotional Balance, Faith Building, and several others.


A COREgroup finds it’s core in the Word of God.  COREgroups will be offered as packaged courses, running anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, with a specific start date and an end date.  

It is our hope that NEW LIFEgroups might form out of relationships that are formed in COREgroups during a course of study.

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ID Groups

An IDgroup is an intentional form of discipleship (ID stands for Intentional Discipleship) where a mentor gathers two or three disciples to intentionally pursue transformation through the doctrines and disciplines of God's Word.  This structure will look a little less like one mentor and one disciple and a little more like Jesus, Peter, James and John or that of Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy. Knowing that discipleship is not a "one size fits all" process, we have several tools that we recommend for an IDgroup to pursue personal mentoring through a structured study, depending on the spiritual fitness, personality and learning style of the participants in the IDgroup.  

"The GOAL?  Followers of Jesus who are grounded in The Word, walking in the Spirit, and passionate about reproducing more disciple-makers."

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