How To Find Us

Come As You Are

We treat everyone like family and we want you to feel like Crossroads is your home, so dress comfortably. Most people will dress in casual weekend attire, many in shorts; our Pastors even wear blue jeans. So come in and make yourselves at home. We're more concerned with meeting your real life needs then with what you wear. 

The Worship Experience @ C2 starts at 10:30 Sunday mornings, but you'll want to arrive a little early to get acclimated. The program will give you a little peek inside C2 and answer some of the questions that might be on your mind after you've walked in the door. While you wait for the service to start, shake a few hands, or just sit back and watch the people come in. It's up to you!

Guest Parking

Here at Crossroads, we reserve the front parking spaces for our guests. We want our guests to feel comfortable and welcome the moment they arrive. We will even meet you with an umbrella in the rain. Our Hospitality staff will:

  • Make sure you have a great parking space
  • Greet you with a warm welcome
  • Give you some "Getting Started" information (we call it "The Program")
  • Show you where our "Kidz" venues are located to securely check-in your kids, and
  • Help you secure a seat so you aren't stressed out trying to find an open space. 

Visit Our Coffee Bar

Grab a steaming cup of complimentary coffee from The Roasterie @ The Roasterie's Coffee Bar just inside the main entrance and take it to your seat with you to enjoy during the Worship Experience.  

Currently, we have a host waiting to serve you at our coffee bar to make your coffee just the way you like it. We offer hot tea and cocoa for non-coffee drinkers. There is also a refreshment cooler filled with a variety of sodas, juices, tea, and cold coffee. Feel free to help yourself to a bottle of water from here as well. 

Kidz Check In

If you have children, our Hospitality Staff will escort you to the age appropriate "Kidz" venue so you can securely check-in your infants and toddlers to our First Steps Nursery, 3-5 year old to our Explorers Preschool, and your Kindergartners through 5th grade to our Quest Elementary.  Teachers in the classroom will check in your child or children, where they will stay in a safe and secure environment until you pick them up after the Worship Service.

Click here to learn more about our Kidz programs: /church-life/kidz

If you have children that are 6th grade or up, they attend the Worship Experience with you. The Crossroads Student Ministry (CSM) meets on Sunday evenings and your older children are more then welcome to come and experience this program. 

Find more information here: /church-life/students

We've Got a Gift for You

If you are a first-time guest here at Crossroads, we want to give you a gift to show you how much we appreciate you coming by to visit us. 

A member of our Hospitality Team will direct you to our welcome center upon your arrival. Here, you will receive a gift and be provided with more information about Crossroads as well as have any questions you might have answered. 

The Worship Experience

We have a rule here at C2: no one is ever singled out or embarrassed. So don't worry, you'll blend right in. We reserve the back row for first-time guests to ensure there's always an open seat and for those who are more comfortable sitting there.  

In your gift bag, you'll find a connection card for you to fill out. It's our way of getting to know you better. You can complete as much information as you feel comfortable with and drop it in the Offering Bucket as it's passed around at the end of service. 

Enjoy the experience @ C2. We hope it will become the best hour of your week. You'll discover great music done by our Worship Team. Don't be surprised if the music isn't what you've come to expect at church; we think music is meant to be enjoyed. Singing a song in front of God ought to be fun - for Him and for us! Also, our Pastor Darryl will lead you through practical, timeless truths with humor and sincerity, using video clips, drama, and other forms of interactive communication. 

Okay, you've received a gift, enjoyed some music, heard a practical message and then....Yup there it is....the Offering Bucket. But don't worry, here at C2 we have another rule - the offering is for those who call C2 home. If you're a guest, sit on that wallet. This service is our gift to you. 

After the Sunday Morning Experience @ C2, stick around and meet our Pastors, Deacons, and other friendly members. We hope that your first visit to C2 will be a pleasant one. Our goal is to make everyone feel like family. Feel free to ask any questions about C2 or grab whatever relevant information you see in The Commons as you are leaving your experience with us.

If you're a guest and you missed filling out a Connection Card during your visit or would like more information, please click here

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