Serve God by Being Generous with Your Resources

Supporting the ministries of Crossroads Church with your tithes and offerings has never been more simple. 

You can now set up Recurring Giving (which is highly recommended if you’re not able to physically be at church each week) or set up Manual Giving by following these instructions:

  1. Mobile App: If you have not already done so, go to your App Store and download Church Center. Once you open Church Center, you'll be instructed to choose our church from a list of churches, and then you'll log in.  Once you've logged in, the Giving Tab is the 3rd Tab from the left, at the bottom. Just follow the instructions for setting up Payment Methods and Giving.
  2. Online: Go to the “Give” tab on our website by clicking here OR visit our Giving Portal on Church Center by clicking here. Again, just navigate thru the menu and instructions for setting up Payment Methods and Giving.
  3. Text to Give: simply text any dollar amount to 84321 to give. After choosing our church in the list, you'll be asked to set up a payment method. After initial setup, all you have to do is send an amount to 84321 to give. If giving to a fund other than "General" or when giving to multiple funds, type the amount followed by the name of the fund. Example: “$100 missions $20 building” and your gift will be split into those accounts accordingly.
    Other funds are…

It is recommended that you choose to give by ACH/E-Check using your bank account it incurs the least amount of fees. However, you are free to set up your giving using any form of debit or credit card or even Apple Pay.  Also, you now have the option to pay the fees along with your donation rather than those fees coming out of your donation.