Our Sunday Morning Lineup

9:00 am - Conversations w/ God...a Concert of Prayer

Join us every Sunday morning  in the Worship Center for corporate prayer over our leadership and the Sunday environments centered exalting God...that our minds would be focused on Jesus and His Gospel, that our hearts would be receptive to the Spirit's leadership, that healing would begin and that God Almighty would be glorified thru it all.

9:30 am - Crossroads University Groups

  • Groups run in 6-week Blocks
  • These are great opportunities to grow in spiritual fitness and health.  
  • There's something for every age - relevant environments are provided for Nursery, Preschool and Elementary aged kiddos and adults.
  • During this time Elementary students participate in Kidz Worship Makers...an environment where kiddos are taught to participate in worship through learning rhythms and how to play various instruments as well as singing and other forms of worship.  The Preschool are added for short periods of time during this hour as well.
  • Adult Groups (including Middle School and High School) vary in topic, changing each Block and gathering in environments all over the building. 
  • Click here to check for the current block of studies being offered.

9:30 am - Breakfast w/ The Ekklesia

After the 6-week block of CU Groups, on the 7th week all age groups of The Ekklesia (the called out/set apart ones) enjoy a breakfast together in The Underground. Our Hospitality Team provides a variety of delicious breakfasts each time.  This is a time for the church to be the church...to fellowship and bond and share in "life" together.

9:30 am - A Moment of Remembrance w/The Ekklesia

After the 6-week block of CU Groups and Breakfast, the church family comes together for "A Moment of Remembrance" on the 8th week.  This is when The Ekklesia (the called out/set apart ones) gather as a family to remember the broken body and shed blood of Jesus and honor our Creator and Savior in what is often referred to as The Lord's Supper, The Lord's Table, Communion, The Sacraments or The Eucharist.  Elementary age kiddos are encouraged to either observe or participate (if they have made a personal profession of faith) with the adults.  There is also a Nursery and Preschool environment provided for our littles.

10:15 am to 10:30 am - Break

Warm up your coffee, run to the restroom, get to know someone around you. Or, use this time to prepare your heart for Worship!

10:30 am - The Sunday Morning Worship Experience

Adults (including Middle School and High School) gather in the Worship Center to make much of Jesus through teaching and participation in corporate worship (singing), prayer and confession.

Students K-5th grades join the adults in The Worship Center for the first few song selections and then gather in the Upper Room to engage in the Word of God through an experience taught on their level. Nursery and Preschool gather in their respective environments for the whole service. 

After services, invite others to join you for lunch and/or be "invite-able" to go and share with others. 

*For more information about our KidzMin click here.