Our Partnership Covenant

In the presence of God and one another we affirm this covenant to each other as the body of Christ. We profess that we have been baptized by immersion as a public declaration of our saving faith in Jesus Christ through the regeneration of the Holy Spirit. We rejoice in God’s provision of this local fellowship and express our thoughtful commitment to its purposes. We understand that the commitments we make to each other can only be fulfilled through the grace of our Lord and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

We commit to cultivate personal and family spiritual growth; to demonstrate integrity in our speech, relationships and commitments; to abstain from sexual immorality, drunkenness, gluttony, laziness and other sins of the body, treating our bodies with the respect they deserve as temples of the Holy Spirit.

We commit to love and care for one another, to minister to one another in sickness and distress, to encourage one another in attitude and speech, to be slow to take offense and always ready for reconciliation, pursuing it without delay.

We commit to pursue the growth of this church in scriptural knowledge and holiness; to consistently participate in its weekly services, smaller group relationships and celebration of the ordinances; to submit to its leadership and discipline and to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws.

We commit to cheerfully and consistently give generous tithes and offerings to support this local church’s ministries; to faithfully exercise our spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality and life experiences; to pray for and seek the salvation and spiritual growth of those around us; and to contribute to the making of disciples that make disciples among all peoples of the world.

We praise our Great God and Father, His Wonderful Son Jesus Christ and the Powerful Holy Spirit for their goodness to us as individual believers and through this flock of God. We pray for grace and strength to keep this Covenant in letter and in spirit to the glory of God Almighty.

~Birthed on April 4, 1999 / Organized and Chartered on October 3, 1999

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