Here is the digital version of the CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS notebook.  This is a great resource to assist you through the journey of understanding and becoming a Covenant Partner with Crossroads Church.  Many people come through our doors from various demographics and stages of life as well as religious and non-religious backgrounds.  Maybe you have never experienced church partnership, maybe you have had a poor experience in the past, or maybe you are just investigating the “church scene” for the first time. We've found this to be a valuable guide to help you peel back the layers to better understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus and why it's important to unite with a local body of believers.  

CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS is a springboard into a life of disciple-making here at C2, glorifying God and enjoying him forever – ALL of Christ for ALL of life. It is our process of helping you discover who we are, what we believe, and why we do what we do or don’t do what we don’t do.  You’ll discover what PARTNERSHIP with our church family is all about.

WE love this church.  This is where our families have connected and served the body of Christ for over 23 years...we’ve all raised our children here.   It is a community with a deep passion for making disciples through submission, obedience, and commitment to the person and the work of Jesus Christ...both for today and for the future.

We are very plugged in and connected as a culture. Whether by cell phones, email or the web, people and information can find us. Moreover, we have unprecedented access to find and seek people and information on our own. And yet in this over-connected world, we often find ourselves disconnected from meaningful relationships. That is not the kind of life God had in mind when He created us. 

God is a great connector. He sought us and He longs for us to know Him. And in His grace and wisdom, He didn't call us to follow Him alone, but in community...thru relationships. I pray that's why you are here at C2 (Crossroads Church) know God more fully, to richly experience the joy of knowing Him and being known by Him in community with others on the same journey, while making Him known to the extended community around us and around the world.

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