Personal Prayer Requests and Praises Submitted by Our Church Family

Please take a moment to bring these before the throne of God Almighty in your Prayers!

In addition, you can click here for a Prayer Guide that will help you better know how to pray for your church corporately...our global partners, our spiritual journey, our mission, our leaders, our ministries, etc.


Katie and Caleb's Papa Ron (their Dad's stepdad) is in the hospital with covid. Having difficulty breathing and is having kidney problems. He's not doing well. Ron is an amazing guy so if you all could lift him up in prayer with me that would be awesome.

4 Bradley's cousin's father in law passed away on fri. Please pray for his daughter Brandy & family. A little extra hard for his granddaughter Raelinn; his death happened on her birthday.


A prayer update for Sarah Spooner about her brother-in-law with Covid as well as her son Jackson who tested positive a could weeks ago: "My kids are doing perfectly. My brother-in-law is still in the hospital, 24 days now. He has good and bad days. He is pushing through but it’s a battle right now. They did move him from ICU though so that’s huge progress. Thank you so much for continuing to pray!"


Stacy's mama is living out her last days at home on Hospice. She's ready to meet Jesus but as we all know, we're never really ready to let go. Please pray for continued comfort and peace for Joyce Riedesel in these days on Hospice. Pray for her husband Vince, daughters Stacy Lybarger and Kathie Remley, Paige and Megan, Andy and Jeremy. Pray that God gives them peace and strength as they spend their last days with a great warrior and constant source of counsel and encouragement to her family.


Daughter Autumn having emergency gallbladder surgery at 4:30 today. Strength for myself, as I and Millie have been sick all week, i am struggling and wore out. Energy and peace to keep taking care of Millie, 11 month granddaughter now & oldest after surgery. But most important for Autumns peace of mind, renewed health, & recovery.

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