Personal Prayer Requests and Praises Submitted by Our Church Family

Please take a moment to bring these before the throne of God Almighty in your Prayers!

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Please be praying for my older sister, Erica who I just found out is very sick from Covid. She's having a lot of pain in her chest and having trouble breathing. She has struggled with severe Ulcerative Colitis issues over the past many years which eventually turned into Crohn's Disease a few years ago. I'm worried for her health with the other things she's been dealing with. Her and her family are not believers and haven't been to church since they were married in 1996. Please be praying that her body recovers from this added illness and that God uses it for His glory.


Church family please keep Ellen and her family in your prayers. Her nephew Chad Tatum (38 y/o) passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Ellen will be traveling to Virginia to be with her sister Connie Allen.


Please prey for my dad. He had a 3 inch tumor removed from his bladder. We found out on Friday the tumor was cancerous. As of right now he has two choices, either do chemo and remove his bladder or try chemo and radiation. Right now he is leaning towards radiation. He grew up in a Christian home and claimed to be a follower at one point in time but he has denounced his faith years ago and is currently trying to come up with ways to disprove Christianity.


One of our Global Partners, Tim Long is back in the states for some doctor appointments they could not fit in before leaving for their country in northern Africa. For the last five years, he has continued to live with issues, including pain, leftover from the first surgeries. The determination was to take immediate steps to move forward with a surgery that will help internally. However, there will still be no answers for several things faced on a daily basis. Tim had the surgery this past Monday and is recovering now. He had a rough night on Monday and is dealing with an infection that has set in, which the doctor expected. He's on a strong dose of antibiotics for a while. The hope is less than a week in the hospital and then some time for a full recovery. We'll keep you posted.


Would you join us in praying for Ukraine? Last summer we hosted Tina, an orphan girl from Ukraine. As we saw the news last night that Russia has officially started their attack on Ukraine, our hearts broke. We have been following the hosting group for any updates they can provide. As of right now the city that Tina's orphanage is in has not be affected, but there are others that have experienced shelling and most are sheltering in place. We are asking for Gods protection around all these children. Please also pray for Owen and Lillian, as they are aware of what's going on and it is weighing heavily on them as they worry about Tina's safety.

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