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Our Church's Prayer Requests

Please take a moment to bring these before the throne of God Almighty in your Prayers!


Urgent Prayer Request Update: Amanda Chrisman's hemoglobin levels have dropped to 7.1, which is even lower than it was before. She is at Saint Luke's East ER again. Doc said she needs to see a hematologist to determine if she needs a blood transfusion or iron infusions. Any level under 7 is considered critical.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Miss Amanda. This has been a very frustrating and debilitating complication after her sinus surgery several weeks ago, including two hospital stays in addition to the surgery. Continue to keep her in prayer as she increases in strength and healing. #SoliDeoGloria


Would you pray for my friends, Mike and Robyn Chase? Some of you may remember our dear friend Gail Cochran...this is her Dad and stepmother. UPDATE: "On Wednesday, Sept. 16th Mike had surgery. They took his entire right colon and part of the middle colon. He did have to have a colostomy bag, which is not great. Now we wait for 7 days for the path report. I just am leaving this at the feet of God, as he will carry us through." ORIGINAL: "We have been through a lot since June. On the 3rd I was broadsided by a semi, totaled my car, but I was spared with a couple of fractures of my spine. When I was spinning around and around, God spoke to me saying 'Robyn you have to stop the car now, open your eyes.' I had to force them open and when I did I was heading into the guard rail. I slammed on the brakes and turned my car to the left, parking it beside the guard rail. I was so blessed. Then in July, Mike received his diagnosis of colon cancer. He has lost about 30 pounds and is very weak. We meet with the surgeon tomorrow (Sept. 8th) to decide on a plan of action. We know that they have to remove the entire right colon, but we don't know much more just yet. He can't eat much anymore due to the pain and bloating. I just don't feel like we are going to have a good outcome. I just keep praying and leaving it in God's hands. And then two weeks ago my mom passed. I have never second-guessed what is going on, but I continue to pray and am thankful for being alive."


UPDATE: Bonnie is growing weaker, sleeping through much of the day, missing her church family and grieving the fact that she will probably never make it out of the house to come to church again. Please keep her in your prayers. Bonnie Stephens still needs our prayers as she continues to battle congestive heart failure and her body just wearing down at 92 years of age. She’s in good spirits and so grateful for the people that send her notes, cards and call/visit. She had a bout with a flu bug this past week but it only lasted two days and she’s better now.


Stacy Lybarger - pray for my vision - especially concerns with my left eye. Watching it for possible retinal detachment.


For Chad Tatum (Ellen's nephew) who had open heart surgery two replace two infected heart valves. His initial recovery went well with the exception of pain. Now he has been placed back into the ICU on a ventilator due to low kidney function and fluid accumulation in his lungs. The physicians have said this is not uncommon, but prayer is needed for this young mans recovery.