CU 2020 Early Winter Block

Beginning on Sunday January 12, 2020

Nursery and Preschool are offered during this time.

"Church + Home"

Led by Sam Burns

We're called to be disciples. Each one of us is discipling at every moment - but are we discipling the right things? This course will walk us through the reasons and need to make sure our faith is being lived out @Home and everywhere - for our sake, our families sake, and for the kingdom.

"Organic Bible Study"

led by Pastor Daniel

Have you ever been to a Bible Study where you wondered where the Bible was?  You take the time to show up and more time is spent socializing, chatting and eating (nothing wrong with that) or a study guide comes out with lots of typed out questions about the Bible but the Bible barely makes an appearance?  This COREgroup is an attempt to dive into the Word as a group without a prepared agenda or lesson plan...just a pure, honest and organic opening of God's Word and use of good study tools at our fingertips.

"The Basics of Prayer"

Led by Pastor Kenn Smith

Why do we pray? How should we pray? Does prayer change anything? These and other questions will be addressed in this class as we work on improving our prayer lives together. 

Kidz Worship Makers

Led by Kylie Holt and Sharon Jones

Our Kidz Worship Makers class is a unique and fun experience we offer during Crossroads University at 9:30 on Sunday Mornings. This class teaches Worship through the use of music, both vocally and instrumental. Several times throughout the year, the children who participate in this class perform for the church during The Worship Experience. 

This class meets in the preschool room and is for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade.