Crossroads University

A Crossroads University (CU) elective track is a foundational and progressive level of discipleship where one finds a little more Word and maybe a little less community than in a Group that meets throughout the week. CU is a more structured environment focused on fundamental truths and biblical principles that are core to the personal walk of every follower of Jesus. Most CU tracks will be offered in more of a classroom structure on the church campus.  

CU will cover subjects such as Developing a Biblical Worldview, Biblical Parenting, Financial Stewardship, Discovering My SHAPE in Ministry, Sharing My Faith, Developing Emotional Balance, Bible Study Methods and Resources for the Church, Biblical Disciple-Making, Giving Biblical Counsel and several others.

A CU track finds its core in the Word of God. They will be offered as packaged courses, running anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, with a specific start date and an end date.  

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Kidz Worship Makers

Kidz Worship Makers is a unique and fun experience we offer during Crossroads University at 9:30am on Sunday Mornings. This class teaches Worship through the use of music, both vocally and instrumentally. Several times throughout the year, the children who participate in this class perform for the church during The Worship Experience. 

This class meets in The Upper Room and is for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Click here to register your kiddos for Kidz Worship Makers at 9:30am.