Glossary of Terms

    LIFEgroups -  A LIFEgroup is an entry level of discipleship where one finds a little more "community" together, grounded in the Word.  A LIFEgroup is a family of families within the church family that grow in transformed lives as they nurture one another in relationship, challenge one another in "living out" the Word, care for one another's needs, celebrate one another's life moments, and share in one another's burdens. LIFEgroups are ongoing small groups that meet together in homes. "Ongoing" means that these groups are continuous, just as "life" is, and they DO NOT run in semesters according to the topic of study. 

    FAMILYgroup -  A FAMILYgroup is a grouping of students with one or two adult leaders that facilitate day to day contact and encouragement.  Family groups may meet as often as once a week as a corporate group,  but will most frequently connect via text message, phone calls, one-on-one activities, or social networking.  The purpose of a Family group is to connect students with each other, and with the church as a whole while equipping, engaging, empowering, and encouraging students in their transformed spiritual walk. 

    Refuge -  A Refuge is an activity where students connect outside of a LIFEgroup or "church" setting.  Refuges most often reflect a fun and casual atmosphere to facilitate relationships.  Refuges take place once a month,  and usually cost around $2.  Details are communicated via email, facebook, text message, or hard-copy handout. Refuges may take place off campus.

    The Underground -  The Underground is the lower level of the Crossroads campus.  It houses the cafe, and facilitates the 6pm to 7pm "hang-out" time prior to FUEL on Wednesday evenings.  The Underground is most easily accessible from the Administrative Office Door.

    FUEL -  FUEL is the generic umbrella for the Wednesday evening experience such as the cafe and LIFEgroups.

    High Octane -  High Octane is an intense discipleship course made available to High School Students.  Applicants will be interviewed prior to acceptance, and commit to assist in the operation of The Journey in areas such as event planning, clean-up, and Family Groups.