A LIFEgroup is an entry level of discipleship where one finds a little more "community" together, grounded in the Word.  

    A LIFEgroup is a family of families within the church family that grow in transformed lives as they nurture one another in relationship, challenge one another in "living out" the Word, care for one another's needs, celebrate one another's life moments, and share in one another's burdens. LIFEgroups are ongoing small groups that meet together, usually in homes. "Ongoing" means that these groups are continuous, just as "life" is, and they DO NOT run in semesters as COREgroups do, according to topics of study. "Small" means that these groups should be intimate and the size should never get above 12 to 15 but should, instead, as they grow in size, give birth to new small intimate groups so that others might benefit from the nurturing that stimulated the growth.