A COREgroup is a foundational and progressive level of discipleship where one finds a little more Word and a little less community.  A COREgroup is a more structured environment focused around fundamental truths and biblical principles that are CORE to the personal walk of every follower of Jesus.  Most COREgroups will be offered in more of a classroom structure on the church campus.  

    COREgroups will cover subjects such as Exploring Membership, Developing a Biblical Worldview, Biblical Parenting, Financial Stewardship, Sharing My Faith, Emotional Balance, Faith Building, and several others.

    A COREgroup finds it’s core in the Word of God.  COREgroups will be offered as packaged courses, running anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, with a
    specific start date and an end date.  COREgroups will be offered a few at a time, in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  

    It is our hope that NEW LIFEgroups might form out of relationships that are formed in COREgroups during a course of study.