2019 Winter Block of COREgroups

Beginning on Sunday January 13, 2019


...an introduction to partnering with C2

Facilitator: Pastor Darryl Jones

CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS is a springboard into a life of disciple-making here at C2. It is our process of helping you discover who we are, what we believe, and what partnership with our church family is all about.  If you are considering making C2 your local church home, CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS is the starting point in your journey. Over six weeks, we break down the six G’s: Grace, Growth, Groups, Giving, Going & Gifts. We feel that these elements are the core of who we are and what we do at C2.  Pastor Darryl facilitates the partnership experience, doing his best to help you make the right connections for plugging into the church. It is our prayer that as you plug into C2, you will know God more fully and experience the joy of knowing Him in a community of believers who are on the same journey.


            ...using the right study tools properly

Facilitator: Pastor Daniel Ballard

We will be studying through the book of 1 John using a variety of different study tools. The hope is by the end of the six weeks we have new resources to help us study the Word and dig a little deeper. Participants will to bring a tablet or laptop that can be connected to wifi for hands on experience with these study tools.


...BUT, I'm Glad He Did!"

Facilitator: Pastor Kenn Smith

We’ll be digging into some of Jesus’ difficult teachings. The problem with what Jesus said isn't with Him, it's with us (or our understanding of what He said).  We'll be getting into the stuff Jesus said that "invades" our personal space...and how to live in obedience what we say we believe, even when it’s not convenient by the world’s standards.

Topics: Deny yourself...Love Your enemies...You Can't Serve God and Money.......and a few others. 

I AM...the "I AM" Statements of Jesus

Facilitator: Ted Twyman

We’ll be taking some time to find the I AM statements of Jesus in the Bible and then focusing on how these statements declare and demonstrate Jesus is the answer for life's issues, problems, and riddles.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...